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Many homeowners don’t understand whether they have a septic system installed or know what it does. Homeowners can think of a septic system as a filter that separates the solids and scum from household waste and the water to a drain field. The drain field then breaks down any remaining bacteria and pollutants to help treat the water before it enters the soil and groundwater. The YouTube channel This Old House can help give a better breakdown.

Homeowners may wonder if they have a septic system. While they are common in rural areas, only 25% of homes in the United States actually have one installed. Septic tanks also vary from state to state, which can be confusing to understand. If owners are unsure if they have one installed, they can reference their property records, which will detail whether one is installed. Areas that don’t have a centralized sewer system, often rural areas, will need a septic system to treat wastewater. The system can help keep water clean and free from pollutants and disease-causing bacteria, which is important to keep homeowners and their neighbors safe.

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Maintaining septic systems is often the frustrating part. Homeowners must pump their tanks at least once every three to five years and clean them using septic-safe cleaners. If you can handle this maintenance aspect, you’ll have a system you can rely on for years!

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