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In The video above, the reporter introduces various types of worm drive clamps, including the worm drive, quick-release clamp, and clamp banding. Starting with the most popular, the worm drive clamp comes in nine different sizes, featuring a 12-mil width stainless steel band, stainless steel housing, and a carbon steel zinc-plated screw.

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An embossed clamp design ensures full contact with the clamping surface and tightening can be done with a flat or posi-drive screwdriver or quickly with a 7mm or chuck and battery drill. To quickly release the clamp, it is 12 mils wide and slotted for slightly higher torque tightening values. Available in two sizes, tightening is achieved by placing it around the item and pushing it through the end, followed by flicking the screw down and tightening it with a flat screwdriver or a chuck.

Lastly, the banding is a 12.7 mil wide slotted design made from 201 stainless steel. Ideal for creating clamps of any size, it is supplied in three or twenty-five-meter lengths with included housing. To use, determine the length, cut with suitable tools like aviation snips, slip the housing over one end, leaving about three centimeters protruding, bend, and tighten using a flat blade or 5/16 Chuck. After fitting the embossed clamp design, cutting off any excess banding is recommended.

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