Sarah Mitchell

When the AC system of a vehicle breaks down, one can repair it themselves since AC repairs cost a lot. As this video demonstrates, the system is first evacuated to clear any charge. The AC valve core and the orifice tube are then replaced.

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Gloves and safety squints are worn for protection.

The red (high pressure) and blue (low pressure) lines are connected to the core while the yellow line is connected to the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is turned on while the valves are closed. When the blue valve on the gauge is opened, the needle on the blue gauge should drop to -30.

The valves at the core are opened to connect the system to the gauge. When all the valves are opened, the needle should remain at -30. The valves in the gauge are then closed, and the vacuum pump is shut off for 30 minutes.

The car starts, and the AC is turned on. The refrigerant is opened and the small valve at the gauge is depressed to expel any air on the yellow line. The blue valve is opened to let the refrigerant into the system. When the refrigerant depletes, the blue valve is closed and the yellow line is connected to another refrigerant. The process is repeated, and the AC runs smoothly again.

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