Sarah Mitchell

Water heaters are among those home appliances that you don’t want to fail. While one wishes they would serve their home faithfully for decades, as this video points out, water heaters fail, especially after serving well for fifteen years and above.

It’s wise to plan early for replacement, especially if the following signs are apparent. First, and obvious, is if the bathwater is not heating. Additionally, if the water tank is spilling some water onto the floor, that’s another red flag that must be addressed by consulting a water heater replacement company ASAP.

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Does the water heater leak? That’s a clear sign it should be inspected for signs of wear and tear. Leaks from a water heater indicate the heating system is faulty. Taste the tap water for a metallic or rusty taste. This is another urgent reason to call water heater replacement companies. If the water looks discolored, chances are the water heater is damaged and needs to be fixed.

While outlier water heaters that have served their owners for decades exist, on average, water heaters have a lifetime of between a decade or two. So, if the water heater has hit the 15-year mark, schedule a visit to the water heater replacement companies to avoid having to contact them in an emergency.

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