Sarah Mitchell

Overcoming an athlete eating disorder can feel overwhelming to some. There are techniques you can apply to help you in the recovery process. One example is to start cooking your food at home. The YouTube video looks at the topic a little closer.

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Cooking From Home: A Powerful Tool

If you’re in recovery from an eating disorder, then cooking from home can be a powerful tool to help you on your recovery journey. It gives you complete control over the ingredients in your recipes and allows you to tailor the ingredient list to meet your nutritional needs. This control can feel empowering.

Cooking from home also promotes mindful eating. It allows you to slow down and enjoy the flavors, textures, taste, and appearance of food. Especially because you’re the one who made it. It helps to foster a healthy relationship with food because it requires focus and attention.

You can develop valuable life skills by cooking for yourself. When you learn to cook at home, you’re developing practical skills that encourage you to be self-sufficient and independent. Lastly, cooking for yourself and your loved ones fosters social connection and support.

Cooking for yourself at home can be your most powerful tool in overcoming an athlete eating disorder. It teaches you valuable skills and promotes independence. It’s a way of controlling your portion sizes and ingredients.


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