Sarah Mitchell

Would you like to install a ductless mini split air conditioner in your home or office? The good news is, this is a manageable project. This YouTube video offers a tutorial on how your AC services perform an air conditioning installation.

Installing the AC

Start by deciding where you’ll install the air conditioner. It should ideally be close to an exterior wall for the refrigerant and condensate drain.

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Additionally, select an area that provides optimal airflow throughout the home. Next, install a mounting bracket to hold the unit inside the home. Drill a hole through the wall for the electrical wires, refrigerant, and condensate drain lines.

Next, install a conduit that runs the various electrical wires and lines through the wall to the outside unit. Secure the conduit with brackets or straps. Then, mount the outdoor unit. Position the outdoor condenser on a stable surface, such as a mounting bracket or concrete pad. Ensure there’s sufficient space around the unit for proper airflow.

Connect the lines and wires between the indoor and outdoor units. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for connecting the wiring. Test the system before sealing any gaps in the hole in the wall.

Installing a ductless mini split can be a DIY project, provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines. Remember to do a final inspection after the air conditioning installation. When in doubt, consult a professional.


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