Sarah Mitchell

Lan Dscaping is a great way to increase your connection to nature by designing areas that attract wildlife to your backyard. Generally, the best method of attracting wildlife is using plantings that are native to your area and placing them in spots that feel natural to the birds, insects, mammals, or whatever wildlife you want to attract. Of course, if you are trying to attract birds or other animals, you can watch them and find a location that works for them and is where you can watch without disturbing them.
Whether you are working with landscaping contractors or doing it yourself, start by mapping your target area. Note the sunny and shady areas, slopes, wet locations, and rights of way to plan for the best spot for each plant or other feature.

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Consider pathways to connect the locations in your backyard or include a fountain or small pond to provide water and bathing areas for your wild friends.
Some prefer connecting with nature by creating a private or sheltered space that offers a quiet area for reading, meditating, or simply watching wildlife pass you by. In that case, hedges or vine-covered trellises can provide the isolation you seek while allowing the sun to shine in. Whatever you need from your landscaping, planning to help achieve your goals is best.

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