Sarah Mitchell

In the video, the reporter discusses a renovation project at their client’s property, specifically focusing on repairing barnwood interior walls where they removed the siding. The process involves cutting back two feet, replacing damaged OSB, and addressing extensive rot caused by rain and water exposure. The reporter emphasizes the importance of waterproofing, replacing studs on the interior, and ensuring structural stability. The project aims to rectify issues with water seepage and deterioration, showcasing a commitment to comprehensive repairs.

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Throughout the video, the reporter highlights challenges, such as water pooling in specific areas, leading to a strategic plan to cut valleys for efficient water runoff. The goal is not only to fix the visible damage but also to maintain the integrity of the concrete pad supporting the building. The reporter expresses concern about the extent of rot in the bottom plate and studs, which are pressure-treated but show signs of severe decay.

The project progresses with the reporter sharing updates on the replacement of the bottom plate, cutting out rotted OSB, and installing temporary walls for support. The reporter outlines the plan for the following day, which involves sealing, waterproofing, installing a new OSB, and adding wrap. The comprehensive nature of the renovation, coupled with attention to detail underscores the commitment to a successful wall rebuild project.

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