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Although we may see our homes as the greatest places on earth, there’s no denying that they may need a spot of maintenance at times. As our properties continue to age structurally, so do their interiors, making the entire place seem worn out and decrepit. Thus, we may be forced to reside in a house that no longer adheres to our needs or personal sense of style. Over time, this can cause us to fall out of love with our properties, leading us to feel immense levels of sadness and guilt. If you relate to this situation, it’s a sign that something needs to change. Therefore, this article will offer you an abundance of useful tips and tricks to help you kickstart your luxury house renovation.

1. Upgrade Your Water System

Although many people don’t consider their plumbing system to be a part of their luxury house renovation, advancements in this trade allow homeowners to enjoy a truly affluent experience. If you’ve owned the same furnace and sinks for several years, you may notice that they’re showing typical signs of wear and tear. Though this is very common, if left to get any worse, these vital systems may become unsalvageable. Thus, you may be forced to pay out thousands of dollars to restore an old-fashioned water system. For those who live in areas that contain high levels of polluted drinking water, consider discussing some suitable reverse osmosis systems with your local plumber. These systems work to push your drinking water through a semi-permeable membrane, helping to flush out any contaminants or pollutants. According to This Old House, one of these systems could cost anywhere from $150 to $4,800, making it a pretty costly investment for regular property owners. Despite its high costs, this system is associated with several benefits, ensuring that you have access to clean drinking water and also have the potential to lead a much healthier life. Therefore, homeowners no longer need to worry about consuming excessive levels of unsanitary water and can begin focusing on the things that matter most.

2. Get New Furniture

For those looking to conduct a luxury home renovation on a budget, just adding a few new pieces of furniture can brighten up the place. Some of these pieces can also be purchased at an affordable price, especially at discount furniture stores and second-hand shops. Homeowners may prefer to renovate one room at a time, working to upgrade key elements of each space before moving on to the next one. This is a particularly useful strategy for those who are running on a limited schedule and want to achieve as many upgrades as possible over a few weeks. For example, you may prefer to purchase a selection of living room furniture before you start looking at some shiny new kitchen gadgets. Some property owners may want to only upgrade essential aspects of their living space such as the sofa or the TV. If you’re carrying out a full makeover, Awning notes that this costs an average of $4,000-$18,000. As such, you may be better suited to enhancing a few small spaces at a time so that you still have some room in your budget to improve elsewhere in the home.

3. Add a Porch

A porch is typically used to describe a covered area that leads to the entrance of a building. Therefore, you may have a porch before of your front door or in your backyard. These structural elements are often associated with traditional American homes, making them a key part of a luxury home renovation. Alongside their decorative nature, these assets are also used as a source of shelter. Homeowners commonly use these areas to relax and unwind as they continue to protect themselves from outside elements. Therefore, if you enjoy using your porch to enjoy a late-night reading session or an early-morning breakfast, you must work to keep it in good condition. A screen room enclosure is sometimes added to porches to give them an added layer of protection from bugs, rain, and excessive sunlight. Thus, this is a must-have element for those looking to enjoy their porch area all year round. Bankrate explains that a simple screen can range from $600 to $3,500, with the median average sitting at $1,200.

4. Update Your Bathroom Appliances

Granite Transformations informs us that the average person spends around 30 minutes a day in the bathroom, which equals to over 182 hours a year per person. Since we spend so much time in this space, it’s no wonder that it needs to be included in your luxury home renovation plans. Although you may scrub your bathroom regularly, it may still show signs of decay and deterioration. This is especially true when it comes to our most crucial appliances. If your bath is starting to present glaring cracks and scuffs, you may benefit from looking into a bathtub replacement service. With so many styles and designs to choose from, you can certainly pick one that adheres to your preferences and budgets. This is also a useful upgrade for disabled or elderly homeowners, who are eager to find an accessible bathtub to help them remain independent when cleaning themselves. Badeloft explains that although the national average price of a new bathtub is $4,400, homeowners may be able to find one as low as $1,400. In turn, some homeowners may be forced to shop around when searching for their next dream bathtub.

5. Build Your Backyard Oasis

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spacious backyard on your property, you will probably do everything in your power to keep it neat. But, life gets in the way sometimes, meaning that our typical garden maintenance schedule may get pushed to the sidelines. However, our exteriors are a key part of the luxury home renovation plan, so you might benefit from recruiting some experienced contractors to give you a helping hand. For those who often use their gardens to host fancy alfresco dinner parties or communal barbecues, consider reaching out to some custom landscape lighting services in your area. Usually, these contractors will use an array of unique details such as spotlights, path lights, and underwater lights to help your garden seem larger and work to highlight its most attractive elements. OC Lights notes that it normally costs $2-$5 per square foot to have these lights installed, making it a very expressive investment in your property. So, you and your loved ones can continue to revel in your backyard oasis, without worrying about being engulfed in darkness. Plus, these lights can also be seen as an integral safety feature, helping your family to cross the garden without the risk of any hazardous trips or falls.

6. Invest in the Details

If you’re looking to add a few sprinkles of TLC to your home, without creating an excessive luxury home renovation plan, try just focusing on some smaller details. Quirky decor pieces, immense portraits, and off-beat stylings can give your property a unique flair and a new lease on life. For those looking to upgrade their kitchens without breaking the bank, start by installing a beautiful quartz countertop. Quartz is a premium material for these areas as it’s known for being non-porous, hard-wearing, and heat-resistant. Thus, you and your family can continue to place hot pans and plates on these surfaces without worrying about scorches and burns. Although it’s a very immense element, it can be quite costly. Bob Vila says that quartz countertops are priced at $50 to $200 per square foot, with the average price standing at $125 per square foot. So, even though this asset can be a very expensive addition to your luxury home renovation plan, it can add a lot of value to your home, which is useful for those who are looking to enter the property market very soon.

7. Get the Newest Technology

An ultra-modern home is no longer a fixture of science fiction and can be transformed into a reality. Homeowners can now implement a wealth of smart home technology into their properties, allowing them to enjoy a selection of automation benefits. As such, you can now control your lights and your sound system, all from the comfort of your living room chair. Some of this tech can also be added to your exterior, such as through an electric gate. These gates can be opened and closed through a remote device, making it easier for property owners to secure their homes. In turn, you can prevent criminals from entering your home without having to deal with the stress of installing a high-end security system. Since these gates come in an array of different styles and shapes, their prices vary greatly. However, explains that an average electric gate can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,500. Not to mention, electric gates only take around 1–2 days to install, meaning that homeowners will not be forced to live on a glorified construction site for weeks on end. Thus, this is a great aspect to add to your luxury home renovation as it ensures that you can bring your home right up to the 21st century.

8. Make it Cozy

If a contemporary home is not your thing, there are many different ways that you can create a rustic and comforting environment in your house. Fireplaces are a perfect addition to any luxury home renovation plan as they can offer you an essential source of warmth, whilst still providing an array of decorative assets. According to Modern Blaze, there are five common types of fireplaces on the market, which are: Electric Fireplaces, Water Vapor Fireplaces, Ethanol Fireplaces, Ventless Gas Fireplaces, and Gel Fireplaces. All of these options offer a unique assortment of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s best to complete your research before purchasing the one that’s right for you. In turn, you’re sure to find an option that would suit the conditions of your home. Despite their grandiose nature, the cost of installing a fireplace is relatively affordable. Home Guide notes most fireplaces cost anywhere from $1,900 to $5,600, but for those looking for a much cheaper option, electric fireplaces typically cost $100-$2,200. Therefore, these features offer a lot of flexibility and design and budget, ensuring that they can be added to just about any type of home.

9. Get Organized

For those who’ve lived in their cherished properties for many years, you’ve probably managed to accumulate a lot of stuff. Whether it’s nostalgic toys or old clothes, our homes are packed full of oddments. Sometimes, we may conduct a big spring cleaning session, throwing out years of personal belongings, only to still be left with piles of junk. As such, you may be better off installing custom closets to store your belongings, rather than consistently having to throw them away. These closets are custom-built to fit exactly into your house, ensuring that you can enjoy a seamless sense of cohesion. Once the contractors have confirmed your desired layout and have worked to build an effective plan, these closets can be fitted in just a day’s work. Therefore, you can get started on organizing your belongings straight away. Deslaurier comments that the average cost of these custom cabinets is $3,000 to $10,000, making this a reasonably affordable way to adhere to your luxury home renovation. In turn, you can secure all of your belongings safely and securely, whilst still maintaining an attractive home. This is also a useful feature for children’s bedrooms as it encourages them to tidy away their toys and store them away efficiently.

Working to improve your home is undoubtedly one of the most stressful projects you’ll ever complete, but the payoff is priceless. Though you may be forced to cough up thousands of dollars or spend every weekend renovating a different area of the house, in the end, you’ll have the prime opportunity to live in a striking and decadent home. Therefore, if you are eager to conduct a luxury home renovation for yourself, be sure to use the advice and guidance listed in this article.


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